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Mission Statement

Musicians 4 Life’s goal is to expand the role of musicians by developing talent and skills at every level.   As a means of advancing its mission, Musicians 4 Life promotes the understanding and appreciation of all types of music and its heritage, organizes workshops, festivals, and symposiums locally, regionally, and nationally. We also award our musicians for their years of great musicianship.

Musicians 4 Life also promotes the application of various music principles in music materials and methods at all levels of education which provides the knowledge and skills vital to a career in music be it Jazz, Pop, R&B, Classical, Gospel, Latino, Hip hop, Country, Bluegrass, etc.

Let’s not forget the annual gathering where all Musicians 4 Life members get together for an “Ultimate Jam Session” that is guaranteed to be out of this world!

Come and be a part of an extended family that loves and enjoy playing music the way you do. Look for ad’s in upcoming Musicians 4 Life Magazine.





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